Polski Biznes

MULTISTAL & LOHMANN Sp. z o.o. Hurtownie Stali Jakościowych Poznań

60-406 Poznań ul. Dąbrowskiego 262/280 magazyn

tel.: 61 894 48 00,

fax: 61 894 48 20

rok założenia firmy: 1993


Proposing you the cooperation, we wish to assure that the gathered experience we try to translate into improvement of the relationship with our Partners and Customers.
We also use the valuable opinions of our Customers on daily basis. For us, similarly as for you, except the pure economic objectives of our activity, very essential is building the confidence and continuous quality improvement of the performed services. We are glad that this model of company's leadership is systematically sighted and rewarded by certificates and prizes awarded to Multistal.
We encourage you to become familiar with the detailed list of quality steels available in our three warehouses located in: Dabrowa near Poznan, Mikołow near Katowice and Hipolitow near Warsaw.